Your Next Favorite Thing

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“A little dirt. A little quirk. A lot of love.”

Mahogany Lace is the dichotomy of nature and technology. We want you to plant trees and purchase polyester, love our handmade products and our printed designs....Let's be honest- we're a mess! And we're hoping you want to be a little messy too!

Our Story

Like everyone, we began this year with high hopes- nose up and chest lifted, but like a blow to the gut, 2020 would have other plans for us. Nothing could prepare us for what we were about to witness and experience. But through the frantic fear, the unknowing and loss, we found the courage to inch a little closer to a dream.

Creatives by nature, out talent and untapped potential was only thwarted by fear of "what if." What if no one supports us? What if no one makes a purchase? What if we fail? What if... What if... What if... 

But what if we succeed?

And while inside (like most of the world) with our wishes and dreams, that is the "what if" we've decided to take a chance on. And so we leaped from a cliff not knowing where we'd land. 
And while gliding through the air, we've realized how crisp and clean the air is up here. While the fear is still real, it is accompanied by perspective and excitement. We wake each day excited to see if anyone out there loves Mahogany Lace too. 

What we're trying to do...

Let's be honest- we don't have it all figured out. Yet! We are still honing in on our "us" while providing quality products at reasonable prices.

As we evolve, so will our products and story. But one thing we know for sure-- At the heart of it all, is a love and need for creativity and a desire to honor nature- all while having a little fun! We hope the energy and love we put into what we do is apparent. 

We truly hope that you find your next favorite thing. 

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